Asheville, NC Restaurants Abuela’s Little Kitchen

Abuela's Little Kitchen Blueberry Pancakes
Abuela’s Little Kitchen Blueberry Pancakes

Abuela’s Little Kitchen provides an enchanting dining experience as one of the most favored Asheville restaurants. It’s a mystery how so many food options can be done just right.

It is important to staff at Abuela’s Little Kitchen that customers have a positive experience, both with the food they enjoy and the service they receive. The staff ensures that customers have the ultimate dining experience every time they visit Asheville, NC.

What’s On the Menu
The menu features a delightful mix of traditional Mexican cuisine and American favorites, with a special spotlight on the incredible breakfast experience.

Mexican flavors light up the menu in dishes such as Huevos Rancheros, Chilaquiles, Homemade Sopes and Pambazo. Plus, some delicious American favorites such as the Philly Steak Sandwich, Philly Chicken Sandwich and the classic B.L.T.

Breakfast is the real showstopper with a huge selection of items to choose from. Pancake lovers have the difficult job of choosing between buttermilk, blueberry or Nutella and strawberry, just to name a few. Those who appreciate the delicacy of crepes also have some difficult choices to make.

If you can’t choose between sweet and savory for breakfast, you don’t have to! Abuela’s Little Kitchen has breakfast combos that include some savory meats with some sweet treats.

If omelets are more your style, you will be pleased with the selection that you can get here, in one of Asheville’s restaurants.

Healthy choices are also celebrated at Abuela’s Little Kitchen with options like egg whites turkey bacon, and salad. Kids are also welcome and have their own menu to choose their favorite meal from.

There is a wonderful selection of beverages to choose from and if you’re feeling particularly hungry, lots of sides you can add to your meal as well.

The Service at Abuela’s Little kitchen
The service is what you can expect from one of the loveliest Asheville restaurants. At Abuela’s Little Kitchen, customers are well-taken care of so that they have the best experience possible from the time they enter until the time they leave with a full stomach and a feeling of satisfaction.

The restaurant staff cares about their customers and they are sure to maintain the proper standards so that they and their customers are kept free from illness and the atmosphere meets the same standard as their delicious food. Customers are set up to have an unforgettable experience that makes them want to return to the restaurant again and again.

If you find yourself looking for a place to eat among the many Asheville restaurants, Abuela’s Little Kitchen offers an experience you wouldn’t want to pass up. For the ultimate dining experience, book a reservation, and if you want to experience delicious food in the comfort of home, you can order online!

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